I’ll no longer be posting my cosplays here, follow my new cosplay blog!

finally some original art wow. her name is lenora and she’s some kinda demon maybe.

Should I make a separate blog for my cosplays, or just keep it all on this art blog?

Birthday present for Zealli! Armin’s thirst is 2real.

punch me in the face

still not sure if i like one-layer painting or not

Had an amazing time at DTAC!
Thanks to Amaleigh Photography for the lovely pictures!

your art is so cute!

this didn’t show up in my messages so idk how long it’s been here but thank you anon!!!

what do you use to make your art? i hope that makes sense. i really liked your one aku no hana drawing! you should draw more fanart for it if you ever get the time :)

Aaah thank you!! i use a wacom bamboo tablet and SAI! I primarily use the pen tool for basically everything lmao. But i have used the watercolour brush as well! I don’t do a lot of custom brushes recently, mainly since i lost all my info when my computer crashed but i’m beginning the slow process of getting them back.

snk has ruined my life and hange is the main reason why